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                    About Dr Peter Edwards

Coming from a mixed background - a Welsh father and a Polish mother - studying History was inevitable. I grew up amidst recollections of Poland under German and Soviet occupation and the Second World War in North Africa and Italy. Holidays invariably took me to family in the Vale of Clwyd; it was impossible not to develop an interest in history, and my interest in the history of North Wales and Northern England grew as I spent many years of my life running over the hills and mountains of these regions, contemplating their landscapes. For all that more traditional political, military and diplomatic history informed my engagement with the subject, witnessing the precipitate decline of Liverpool and Birmingham as world-class industrial centres in the 1970s and 1980s stimulated an interest in socio-economic history and industrial archaeology. The mould was cast.

My serious study of History began in 1986 with my first degree and completion of an MA set me on a trajectory that would launch a 25-year teaching career. Although initially teaching in a secondary school, the decision to study part-time for a PhD presented the opportunity for post-graduate and post-doctoral teaching of second and third year undergraduates. Whilst studying for my PhD I also taught at a number of FE and HE colleges, and also a drop-in centre for homeless people and a high security prison. The latter became the focus of my teaching work before spending the final eleven years of my career as a History specialist at one of Britain's top sixth form colleges; it was here that I was nominated for a University of Oxford Inspirational Teachers Award. I have also been involved in A Level and university examining work, in addition to copy editing and the critical reading of manuscripts for a number of academic texts (F.R. Bridge's The Habsburg Monarchy Among the Great Powers, Berg 1990 and with Roger Bullen, The Great Powers and the European States System 1814-1914, Second Edition, Longman 2005, Cecil, H. and Liddle, P.H. Facing Armageddon. The First World War Experienced, Pen and Sword 1996 and Brumwell, S. Redcoats. The British Soldier and War in the Americas, 1755-1763, CUP 2002.)

My teaching has focused primarily on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but has also involved the medieval period from the fall of Rome until the thirteenth century, before moving forward to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. My PhD thesis focused upon the domestic problems of late imperial Russia, requiring research in a number of foreign languages and leading to the presentation of papers to international academic audiences. My current research interest concerns the integration and subjugation of national groups in imperial states from the medieval to the modern eras - an extension of my PhD research. Current publication projects include work on ethnic cleansing in the Balkans during the 1870s and the failure of German economic mobilisation during the Great War. I am also accredited, Badged Guide number 86 of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides.

My experience as a teacher in a variety of educational environments - some quite challenging - means I can communicate effectively to almost any audience. My academic experience, meanwhile underlines the secure foundation of my historical knowledge. I have founded Roundhouse History Tours on the basis of extensive teaching and research experience and the track record of organising and leading historical tours across Europe for over a decade. This is the experience and dedication to history that underpins every Roundhouse tour.

Having taught for three years in Liverpool, I moved to Leeds in 1993 where I have lived since with my wife and three children.
Relaxing outside Badesley Clinton, Warwickshire
Explaining some of the history of Saltaire, West Yorkshire
Climbing Hartside in the North Pennines whilst guiding a group
Contemplating Highland History whilst on the summit of Ben Nevis, running the British Three Peaks
Thinking about Martin Martin's "A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland" from the vantage point of the Red Coolin
The Carneddau - the best views of historic North Wales