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York city walls
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City Tours

City breaks have grown enormously in popularity over recent decades, but every city has far more to offer than simply shopping centres and leisure complexes. The Roundhouse city tours follow two basic models. The first takes an important city and follows its evolution through different eras by looking at specific sites for each period. This allows clients to build a really clear picture of why and how a particular city came into existence and to appreciate its role in specific national and international events. These tours engage with events from ancient through to modern history in the same break. The second type of tour acknowledges that certain cities can be primarily associated with very specific momentous events - Warsaw and St. Petersburg, for example. Here an outline of the city's historical development is combined with a clear focus on a specific set of events. Although the titles of the tours seem specialised, they are made accessible for every client. Roundhouse tours cater for all levels of knowledge.

Roundhouse city tours offer the opportunity to combine all the attractions of great European cities with a wide-ranging, informative and expertly-delivered historical insight.
Reims Cathedral - site of the coronation of French monarchs, deliberate target of German artillery in the Great War
Public art - a key feature of modern Berlin