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Corporate Work and Location Scouting

Corporate Work
As an experienced guide, lecturer and teacher, Dr Peter Edwards is ideally qualified to provide introductions to and overviews of the Yorkshire region. Whether you wish to show clients the potential the region has to offer in terms of its historic links with particular industries, or whether you simply wish to emphasise why Yorkshire is such a superb place to locate, do business and live, Roundhouse History Tours can add value to your clients' experience. Bespoke itineraries that really show the region at its best can be delivered, often at short notice. Services range from meeting clients on-site to explain the significance of specific areas to arranging larger trips to a variety of venues with hospitality included. Whatever your clients' needs, Roundhouse History Tours will respond flexibly, efficiently and with thoroughness and great attention to detail. To discuss how Roundhouse History Tours can help promote the region to your clients, please contact Dr Peter Edwards directly.

Location Scouting
Armed with an excellent knowledge of the history of the Yorkshire region and having guided in rural and urban areas, Dr Peter Edwards is well-equipped to seek out the best locations for your media needs. His detailed knowledge of the moors, dales, coastal and urban areas of Yorkshire and his decades of experience of travelling well off the beaten track guarantees that your location requirements will be met. In addition to finding the perfect location for your media projects, issues relating to access, parking, personal needs, catering and accommodation will also be addressed. For an unrivalled knowledge of the Yorkshire region's location potential, please contact Dr Peter Edwards directly
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Clients are taken beyond the stereotypical Dales idyll as the history and geography of the landscape is unpacked
Of course, Yorkshire is famous for grand historic buildings in dramatic landscapes and Roundhouse History Tours have a welath of experience of what Yorkshire has to offer
But Yorkshire is also an industrial powerhouse and Roundhouse History Tours provide access to a huge range of industrial sites