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York city walls
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dr Peter Edwards run Roundhouse History Tours as a sole trader?
Yes. Roundhouse History Tours is my creation. All planning, booking and leading is dealt with by me personally. This ensures a consistently high quality and provides ultimate accountability for clients.

Will every tour be led by Dr Peter Edwards?
Yes. Dr Peter Edwards will be your guide on every tour.

What kind of hotel will I stay in on a Roundhouse History Tour?
We stay in high-end hotels - either recognised chains or independent, quality concerns. After a day in the field Roundhouse clients should expect to be able to relax in very comfortable surroundings. Please inform Roundhouse History Tours of any disability that needs to be accommodated.

Do I have to arrange my own transport to and from the start and end-points of a Roundhouse tour?
Yes. Clients come from a very wide range of places and prefer to travel by a host of different means. Others choose a Roundhouse tour as part of a larger break and therfore have quite complex travel arrangements.

Are my lunches and evening meals included in the cost of the tour?
No. We use a range of restaurants and cafes for lunches and evening meals. Clients are left to make their own choices with regard to menu. You are, however, guaranteed to find a wide array of excellent food to choose from.

Do I need to arrange my own travel insurance?
Yes. Furthermore, if you are on a cycle tour, you need to take up British Cycling cycle insurance.

Do I need to make full payment in advance?
Yes. This allows hotel and venue bookings to be secured swiftly.

Can I just contact Roundhouse History Tours to arrange an individual itinerary?
Yes, of course you can. I am delighted to organise bespoke itineraries and to prepare special materials and guidebooks. As a sole trader I can offer a degree of flexibility and commitment that larger organisations cannot deliver.

How much driving is there between venues?
I aim never to have clients in a minibus for more than two hours - depending on the traffic and roadworks. If road conditions dictate a longer journey than I hope for, then I have breaks in the journey.

Do your tours cater for specific dietary needs?
All hotels are informed of any client's specific dietary needs.

"The Chimney" - a West Yorkshire landmark, Saltaire
German cemetery, Langemarck, Belgium - the imagery here is intimately linked to the Berlin architecture of the 1930s
Guarding the Menai Straits and granting safe passage to the economic wealth of North Wales - Pen Mon Point