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Guest Lectures and Study Workshops

Drawing on 25 years of lecturing and teaching experience, engaging a broad range of audiences in an amazing variety of locations, Dr Peter Edwards is delighted to present work as a guest lecturer and to lead study workshops. Furthermore, as an active historian he speaks directly from on-going research and debate. Subjects offered span a wide range of political, social, economic, cultural and military history, but always explicitly reflect Dr Edwards' research and teaching interests. This guarantees high quality, engaging and stimulating presentations and workshops. Recent lectures have included subjects as diverse as British diplomats in revolutionary Russia; the fall of Fort de Vaux in June 1916; the failures of German economic mobilisation during the Great War; the myth and reality of military incompetence during the First World War; racial-ideological conflict in Europe since 1815; and the historical forces in the creation of northern English identity since 400AD. Lecture topics are ususally, but by no means exclusively, linked to aspects of Roundhouse tours and can be developed into active teaching workshops.

Whether you are seeking an academic presentation for undergraduates, a stimulating lecture and debate for A Level or GCSE students or a well-paced and engaging talk for a historical society, Dr Peter Edwards is fully capable of providing an enlightening experience.
Not all teaching occurs in the classroom. Here Dr Peter Edwards explains German anti-partisan policies of 1939-45
Teaching A Level students outdoors in slightly more agreeable weather
Back in the lecture theatre - a presentation for students at the University of York on the historical forces that have created northern identities