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Industrial Archaeology

Seemingly always the Cinderella of historical studies, derided as looking at spinning jennies and hand looms, industrial archaeology actually covers the entire course of settled human civilisation. From the pre-historic copper mines  on the Great Orme in North Wales through to recently-abandoned lead workings in Northumberland or coal mines in Yorkshire, the study of our industrial past tells us not just about our economic history, but also about the societies we live in . Most of us in Britain have either worked in industry and manufacturing, and if not, direct links with the industrial world are not many generations away. The history of industrial enterprise is probably therefore one of the most accessible means for us to enagage with our past. 

Of course, the large industrial museums of the North and the Midlands tend to dominate our experience of industrial archaeology, but the remnants of our industrial past are very widespread and occur in the most unlikely places. Naturally Roundhouse tours take into account the urban-industrial landscape, but one of the key features of the tours is the emphasis placed on the transformation of our surroundings. For all that industrial archaeological tours end in beautiful rural areas, you will gain a sense of how these modern rural idyls were not so very long ago centres of heavy industry, sometimes employing thousands. Engaging with industrial archaeology not only allows you to understand how Britain could lay claim to the title The First Industrial Nation, but also explains some of the most influential forces that have shaped society since at least the medieval period.

If you have some kind of interest or connection with the industrial past or if you are simply someone for whom the smell of hot cutting oil and the hum of machinery has a therapeutic effect, then a Roundhouse industrial archaeological tour is definitely for you.

As with all Roundhouse Tours, the itineraries and venues in this section are only suggestions. Each tour is structured to the precise requirements of the client. If you have any personal connection with the sites on these tours, please inform Dr Peter Edwards so that the guiding can reflect any special family interest.

Cycling up an old incline on the Northumberland Moors
The imposing facade of Salt's Mill, West Yorkshire
Heading for Teesport - the view whilst studying industrial archaeology on the North Sea coast