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York city walls
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Medieval Tours

Medieval history begins with the fall of the western Roman Empire and ends with the outbreak of the Italian Wars in 1492 - in England the dates are slightly different, using the withdrawal of the Roman legions c.410 and the accession of Henry VII in 1485 as chronological bookends. Whatever the boundaries, the medieval period covers 1000 years of momentous change in Europe. A convenient break in the period for English historians occurs with the Norman Conquest in 1066, but it is worth noting that what was once glibly dismissed as the Dark Ages has now, thanks to recent archaeological and historical investigation, been firmly renamed the early medieval period.

If you are interested in Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, the kingdoms that emerged after the fall of Rome or the world of the Venerable Bede and Geoffrey of Monmouth, then the medieval world is for you. Equally, the Norman Conquest, the Welsh and Scottish Wars and Wars of the Roses define this era, as do the construction of great monasteries and cathedrals and the foundation of many of our towns and cities referrred to in the works of Gerald of Wales or earlier in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles. This is also the era of the formation of clearly defined cultures in the British Isles through epics such as Beowulf, the Welsh Bardic tradition and even the Viking sagas, as well as later Chaucerian literature.

Roundhouse medieval tours focus on a broad range of important themes from this era, including the obvious conquest, colonisation, conflict and castle-building that leave the most visible legacy and grab the historic limelight. However, attention is also paid to the enormous importance of the church during these times, both as a spiritual and socio-economic force. Hugely important work has also been carried out investigating the lives of ordinary medieval people and recent archaeological and historical research is also reflected in Roundhouse guided tours.

Whether your interest lies in castles and kings, the church, commerce, culture or ordinary lives, Roundhouse medieval tours have something of interest for you in some of the most spectacular scenery of the British Isles.

As with all Roundhouse Tours, the itineraries and venues are only suggestions. Each tour is structured to the precise requirements of the client.
York Monkgate - part of the walk around the walls - one of the best vantage points for surveying this fantastic city's history
Part of the fine view from Conwy town walls
The remnants of a tower at Richard III's Middleham Castle