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York city walls
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Northern Powerhouse: The Industrial Archaeology of Yorkshire

Pick-up: Sheffield station (major national railway station).

Drop-off: Leeds station (major national railway station).

Accommodation: hotels in Sheffield, Leeds and the Yorkshire Dales.

The economic fortunes of the North were transformed by the industrial revolution; coal mines, quarries and railways changed the landscape, whilst towns and cities grew at an explosive rate. A way of life built around the large-scale exploitation of minerals, textiles, iron and steel emerged and this tour introduces you to the northern experience of industrialisation through a surprising mixture of urban and rural sites which emphasise the strength of an industrial heritage that pre-dates the Roman conquest.

The tour begins in Sheffield, focusing, naturally, upon the iron and steel industries, moving north to the heart of the Yorkshire coalfield and a trip underground. Whilst in the Leeds area, there is a chance to have a look at the development of the textile industry with a visit to Saltaire, concluding the urban phase of the tour. The emphasis then shifts to extractive industries with a look at lead mining, quarrying and lime manufacture as well as a visit to the iconic Ribblehead viaduct, the inspiration for the TV drama Jericho and the centrepiece of our consideration of the impact of railways on the Yorkshire landscape.

Overall, an incredibly diverse introduction to the history of one of the world's most important industrial areas.

N.B. You'll need your walking boots for this tour with trips underground in coal mines and limestone caves and walks onto outdoor upland areas.

Lime kilns in the Yorkshire Dales, within sight of one of today's largest quarries
Spectacular Victorian engineering - the iconic Ribblehead viaduct
The Philanthropist's ideal - Titus Salt's model factory