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Richard III and the Wars of the Roses

Pick-up/Drop-off: hotel in the Leeds area or Leeds railway station

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The most dramatic single engagement of the civil war that wracked England between 1455 and 1485 took place in Yorkshire. On a snowy Palm Sunday in 1461, reputedly as many as 28,000 lives were lost at the Battle of Towton. In fact, Towton is better viewed as part of a series of three related engagements: Ferrybridge, Dinting Dale and Towton. The sites of these battles are easily accessible and Towton field itself nestles in the beautiful scenery of the Vale of York. 

The consequences of Towton were monumental and Yorkshire holds the sites directly related to them. The Council of the North met at Sheriff Hutton castle, whilst Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the future Richard III, made Middleham Castle his family home and the seat for his northern powerbase. For all that Sheriff Hutton has restricted access, Middleham is regularly open to the public and stands at the heart of a beautiful Yorkshire market town and centre for race horse training. York, meanwhile, offers a number of important sites directly linked to the Wars of the Roses, while Leeds is home to the Royal Armouries, which holds examples of the weaponry used at Towton. In the many years since I first began taking groups and individuals around Towton, exceptional archaeological work has really energised the study of this battle and the Wars of the Roses as a whole and Roundhouse History Tours takes this work into account.

Whether you wish to spend a day at Towton and its related sites or take a broader look at the impact of the Wars of the Roses in Yorkshire, Roundhouse History Tours promises a fascinating and rich Wars of the Roses experience in England's largest county.
Richard III's "home", now the dominant feature in the market town of Middleham. This is the view from the Norman motte and bailey overlooking the town.
Lead Church on the edge of Towton battlefield. Not only does this fit into the Towton story, but it is also the centrepiece for a fascinating archaeological site.
Today Towton Field is the very picture of rural Yorkshire. In 1461, this area was the site of horrific panic and slaughter.