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York city walls
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The Seven Ages of York

Pick-up/drop-off: tour assembles and disperses from a hotel in the centre of York - national rail connections are within easy walking distance.

Accommodation: single hotel in central York.

The Yorkshire capital is not only picturesque, but boasts some of the richest history in Britain. The Roman fort and settlement of Eboracum formed the foundations of what became England's "other capital." Successive invasions, colonisations, conflicts and economic developments make it possible to chart the evolution of the English and British states through the history of a single iconic city.

This tour takes a specific site or building in York to focus on a key era in the evolution of the city. We look at Roman, Viking and Norman conquests and colonisations and then the impact of the Wars of the Roses, the Tudor rebellions and the English Civil War. The journey through York's past ends with the Victorian era and Seebholm Rowntree's study of poverty in York, published in 1900. In addition to getting to know many of the key historic sites in York, the tour also allows plenty of free time to wander and explore in what was once one of Britain's most important cities and which still maintains a strong identity and tradition of independence.
Clifford's Tower - stronghold since the Norman Conquest and scene of a medieval pogrom
The River Ouse, source of life and livelihood to York, but also a route for invasion and a natural hazard
York Minster - a historian could happily spend all day here. I see something new on each visit.